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Americas next top model nude pictures.

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I've got curves, I've got cellulite, I've got things that I don't like about myself or that people have told me I shouldn't like about myself.

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After she finished modeling how to, well, model, Graham gave the anxious newcomers a characteristically motivating pep talk.

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I was also excited at the challenge of modeling something so difficult because it's hard to model sunglasses while covering yourself artistically.

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ANTM star diagnosed with incurable breast cancer.

Way to lead by example, Ashley—and P.

America's Next Top Model contestant Naduah Rugley has admitted that she was "excited" by the challenge of modeling a pair of sunglasses in a naked photoshoot.

By Lauren Rearick.

Demonstrating just how to rock a challenge on America's Next Top Model that had more than a few of the contestants camera shy.

In the end, the nekkid nonsense was too much for year-old El Lay model Cherish Waters above, fourth from the left … but we were mostly just watching for Ashley anyway.