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Anna kournikova nude penthouse. You guys didn't catch the JLH in Playboy thread a time ago?

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Aug 25, Posts:

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The daughter-in-law of fashion designer Luciano Benetton contends that the magazine knew about the mistake weeks ago, but published the photos anyway.

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Link to this post.

As even the most casual consumer of porn now knows, the photos were not of Kournikova, but some other out-of-focus sunbather.

May 1, Posts:

You better not say things like JLH in Playboy and not mean it.

May 23, Posts:

Carebears aren't people.

FWIW, Sunny leone sexy nude photos were published in a crappy Australian Tabloid Magazine over 12 months ago, don't see why Penthouse is getting so excited about them, as they are hardly knew, but i guess Anna K sells magazines.

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