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Daryl hannah splash nude.

Daryl hannah splash nude. Madison and Allen passionately kiss several times in public as they are making their way to his apartment.

Madison walks naked into a large crowd of people.

Allen pointing at Daryl Hannah:

She walks up to Allen Tom Hankskisses him on the mouth, then takes a running dive into the surf and swims away.

Why it matters:

He spends the rest of the movie in dogged pursuit, trying to douse her in water so her legs will transform.

During this, we get multiple clear views of her breasts, including areolae and nipples.

Just look at that poster again.

Been around the block coral?

In pretending to be a foreigner, Freddie John Candy tells another man in Swedish that he has a inch penis, intending to be understood only as a non-English speaker.

Off-screen sex is only implied.

Speaking of the legs.

Matter-of-fact, he met Madison the Mermaid Daryl Hannah twenty years before while he was a kid vacationing in Cape Cod.