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And as you admire the precision of those lines and the glorious precision of his upper body, the precise subtleties of his performance and how each tooth in his head lies precisely against the next tooth, you think increasingly of Keira Knightley and her humiliation upon nude lomi lomi massage unveiling her character on set, not because her performance was weak it was strongbut because, rather strangely, it is all about her vagina.

I mean, that body, though very thin, is super hot.

But Sabina is Jewish, and here Knightley appears … less white than usual.

Keira Knightley is, in most films, the picture of delicate whiteness.

Like a hero lying on grenade, ready to absorb the impact of the impending explosion.

Sabina suffers from mental hysteria with spontaneous orgasms provoked by humiliationand she and Jung eventually begin a sexual relationship.