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Nude pictures of anthony weiner. That man's name, of course, was Anthony Weiner.

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Oh yes, we all laugh at the double entendres in the news that the Amazon founder has accused the National Enquirer's owner of blackmailing him over compromising selfies.

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This, of course, reflects badly on his wife and by extension the Clinton presidential team.

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Weiner was caught in the summer of sexting with a year-oldan act for which he was later jailed.

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While Weiner's weiner brought us Trump, Pecker's pecker-related threats may help to bury him.

But he does have constituents who still support him and don't care less what we think of him in L.

Then came the second act, when Weiner ran for mayor of New York, and another couple of Weiner's correspondents decided to reveal their own dick pics from the congressman.

We don't know what that means exactly, but speculation has centered on the most horrific option:

So was Clinton's lack of campaigning in Wisconsin.

Weekly staff writer.

Here was the worst of our social media age in a nutshell:

From Anthony Weiner to David Pecker, the ability to send penis pics online has transformed politics.