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Nude star trek stars.

Nude star trek stars. Each franchise has its inherent weaknesses and flaws, and each franchise has had the cultural upper hand at different time.

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Star Trek was dominating in the '90s with three successful TV series and a movie franchise while Star Wars was stuck in the muck of pre-prequel limbo.

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He eventually runs into imaginary women who are dressed in nothing but pink and yellow fur outfits with matching pasties.

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Star Trek:

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Enterprise gave us a female Vulcan, and it would work out exactly like you might assume that it would.

However, unlike the other actors, Sherry Jackson wore far more clothing than her coworkers, wearing nothing underneath the exposing design.

Insurrection was the point when it became clear the TNG crew were on borrowed time.

Considering the film also dealt with the Enterprise fighting Khan, the inclusion should have made sense.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the only reason Alice Eve was brought onto the movie was to play the role of eye candy for the audience.

The stoic, cerebral commander of the Enterprise is, for many people, the platonic ideal of progressive humanity; a man of deep intellect and equally deep empathy.

Jean-Luc Picard is then forced to help his frenemy.