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Oblivion male nude mod.

Oblivion male nude mod. The Elder Scrolls IV:

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Thanks again for all the help, suggestions, and offers for even more help.

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I took a look at Qaws' doggies and all the other furry-ish mods on Nexus when I was selecting races to "borrow" for my mod, and they're cute.

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Originally posted by Fiddlybuns:.

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The included glow map only matches Orcs, DElfs and Humans.

The body is very voluptuous, the female structure is strongly pronounced.

Store Page.

Per page:

I found male meshes for vanilla textures.

The slender version will become somewhat more muscular occasionally.

Argonian texture problem fixed needed to add Robert's updated tex to the build, looks fine now.

It's simple to track down and fix, and I really think you should do so.

Posted December 28,