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Sacred games nude scenes. Just one more time, ek aur baar, one more and I am going again, don't hate me, I know you hate me, don't hate me.

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The minute he saw one tear in my eye, he said ab koi baat nahi karega and I am going to see her on set.

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And when we finished the scene, I was still crying on the floor and he hugged me and said I love you so much and thank you for giving me this scene.

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The show, which is spread over eight episodes of one hour each, released on Netflix on July 6.

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In a particular scene where her sexual identity is revealed, her feeling of helplessness and yet accepting oneself is palpable.

He and the writers made her the most lovable character and treated her with the utmost respect.

No other nudity in this scene.

We got to the vanity, he asked me what I drink, I said wine and he said get her a glass of whiskey.

It was a big thing for me to open up my blouse, but I did it.

Male rear nudity is seen her and again later when he gets roughed up by a group of people.

I walked out of the room and everyone clapped, I didn't know it was so beautifully done.

Here's the trailer of the web series in case you missed out.