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Women nude in locker room.

Women nude in locker room. To reach these conclusions, I spoke with actual women about what happens in their locker rooms.

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My body has become a burden, something I have to manage, fret over, and worry about.

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I stared at her, not at her unappealing body parts, but at her face so if I see her coming again I would know exactly who she was.

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But I can think about how my grandmother viewed bodies — even her own — and maybe I can start slowly chipping away at 15 years of loathing and doubt.

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You tell me — when it comes to the changing room at the gym, how much nudity is too much?

A fully naked woman.

Sure, you may happen to choose the day when a troupe of Hawaiian Tropics models has their bus break down outside.

Because I want to remember all of her, not just her at the end, I find myself thinking back a lot to the grandmother I knew growing up.

We could spend our time running endlessly between the sauna and shower, probably irritating every woman unlucky enough to cross paths with us.

To the women who do it, I totally applaud you for embracing your bodies and being so comfortable with what the good lord gave you.

Took my shower and while I was getting dressed I was casually eavesdropping on a trio of girls as they gossiped about their co-workers.